Absorbent Gauze Swabs (Non Sterile)

  • These 100% cotton gauze swabs are degreased and bleached to ensure the utmost quality, softness and absorbency. Consisting of a high density mesh and high elasticity, they are comfortable and offer breathability. As with all our products they are manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with strict regulations. Gauze swabs are best used for dressing and treating wounds and absorbing liquid.
  • Category: Gauze Swabs
    Material: 100% cotton
    Weight: Various
    Length: Various
    Width: Various
    Pack Size: 100 pcs
    Weight Per Pack: 5 x 5 cm (45 g)
    7.5 x 7.5 cm (105 g)
    10 x 10 cm (178 g)
  • Features

    • 100% cotton
    • Degreased and bleached to ensure superior purity, softness and high liquid absorbency
    • High density mesh: 24 x 20
    • High elasticity and good breathability
    • No loose particles, fluorescence or synthetic materials
    • Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 certificate and CE
    • Best use for wound dressing, absorbing secretion and to treat secondary healing wounds

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